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Aqua Excellent is the all in one Spa & Hot Tub solution and is an alternative to products such as Aqua Finesse and O-Care.  

In a Spa or Hot Tub, a product forms which is known as Biofilm.  This forms on static surfaces such as the sides and floor of a Spa, and also on the walls of the pipe work.  If you've ever felt a slightly 'slimy' surface in a spa, it was Biofilm.

The Biofilm in your Spa is where over 90% of the bacteria in your Spa live, and regular sanitisers like chlorine or bromine alone do not combat it, they only treat the bacteria that is in the water.  So by dosing your spa with chlorine/bromine, you are typically treating less than 10% of the bacteria that lives in your spa.  

With Aqua Excellent, things are very different.

The Aqua Excellent liquid is dosed into your Spa on a weekly basis, and this liquid prevents Biofilm from forming.  With no Biofilm, bacteria stay suspended in the water, where the sanitiser can control them. 

With all the bacteria treated by the sanitiser, the result is a much cleaner spa experience which can run at a lower chlorine/bromine level, which in turn means less dry skin, irritation and itching.  Your water feels clean and pure, and the whole spa bathing experience is improved.

So why is Aqua Excellent so good?

Aqua Excellent has a number of key advantages:

  • High Concentration Liquid! Aqua Excellent has a double concentration to other similar products, meaning you only need to use half as much.  This in turn means less packaging, less waste, and the 2x 1 litre containers supplied in the kit will last just as long as other products that have 2x 2 litre bottles in their kits.
  • You can buy the liquid separately! Customers have often asked us if they can buy just the liquid, and that's never been possible.  With Aqua Excellent it is, you'll find a 2 x 1 litre refill pack in the related items below.
  • It's more cost effective! Thanks to its double concentration, Aqua Excellent is more cost effective to produce and ship, so its available at a more attractive price.  Remember, this kit lasts 3-6 months, just like other similar products.

So what's in the box?

This kit contains:

  • 2x 1 Litre Bottles of Aqua Excellent Solution
  • 1x Chlorine Tablet Dispenser
  • 1x Pot of Chlorine Tablets (18)
  • 1x 200ml measuring cup
  • 1x Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • 1x User Guide

Aqua Excellent Liquid Dose Rates

Hot Tub Capacity (Litres) Weekly Dose (ml)
700-800 80ml
900-1000 90ml
1001-1200 100ml
1201-1400 125ml
1401-1600 150ml
1601-1800 175ml
1801-2000 200ml
2001-2200 225ml

Usage Instructions

  1. Shake the Aqua Excellent bottle well before use
  2. Add Aqua Excellent to your Spa water by using the measuring cup provided.  Please refer to the chart above for the amount to add.
  3. Run the pumps for two minutes to circulate the liquid.
  4. Place one chlorine tablet into the dispenser included with the kit, and place the dispenser onto your spa filter cartridge, or any other dosing location as recommended by your spa's manufacturer.
  5. Enjoy clear and clean spa water.

Please note that if you are switching to Aqua Excellent for the first time with an existing Spa, we recommend switching when you carry out a periodical drain down.  Use a product such as Hot Tub System Flush (see related items below) or another hot tub flush product, drain/refill your spa, then use Aqua Excellent as directed.

MPN: 172640
EAN: 8719689172640
Brand: Aqua Excellent
Weight: 3kg