AquaFinesse Simply Genius Tablets 3.84kg pack

Product code: PSAQSGTABS
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Product information

A 3.84kg Pack containing 16 x 240g AquaFinesse Simply Genius 3" Chlorine Tablets.  

Please note to switch to this system, you will first need to use the starter kit, please see related items below.

This pack is to top up pool owners who have already switched with additional Simply Genius chlorine tablets

SIMPLY GENIUS is the latest development for worry free pool water.

This SIMPLY GENIUS tablet contains ALL YOU NEED, and makes water care SIMPLY pleasant!

The Aquafinesse Simply Genius pool care system provides you crystal clear, pure, clean and safe water with just one dosage per week.

Simply Genius is the latest development for worry-free pool water, the tablets contain all you need!  They use only high quality chlorine combined with AquaFinesse technology for excellent disinfection, clean walls, tubes, pipes and pump. 

It provides crystal clear water.

What's in the Simply Genius Tablet?

The multifunctional tablet consists of reliable excellent quality chlorine as a sanitizer, including a layer of AquaFinesse patented technology. It’s unique composition guarantees crystal clear, pure and safe water with just one dosage per week according to the user manual.

In fact the tablet replaces Chlorine tablets, pH+, pH-, CA +, anti-algae, flocculent and water line cleaner once the water is in balance. Therefore this “all in one” tablet is so easy in use for your customers. Now we have combined proper sanitation with AquaFinesse patented environmentally friendly formula, it is able to ensure easy and simple water maintenance for swimming pool owners.


The Simply Genius tablet maintains an average pool of 40,000 to 75,000 litres or 10,000 to 20,000 gallons. If you have a bigger pool, more tablets maybe needed.  Equally, in high usage pools, more tablets may be required.

Technical specifications

GTIN 8717524635022