Blue Horizons Concentrated Phos Away - 1 Litre

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Blue Horizons Concentrated Phos Away is a dual action phosphate remover and controller, so can be used for prevention or cure.

Phosphates are naturally occuring chemicals found in nearly everything, however as they are a very potent plant food, they are not something you want in your Swimming Pool water since they promote the rapid growth of algae.  If your Swimming Pool keeps going green, you might have a Phosphate problem.

Phosphate levels are measured in parts per billion (ppb), and ideal levels should be kept below 200ppb.  Any level above this, and you may have a problem keeping your Swimming Pool clear.

Usage Instructions:
  • If the pool has algae, follow your normal shock procedure to cure.
  • Check the pH level and if ncessary adjust to the desired range of 7.2 - 7.6
  • Backwash the filter if necessary
  • With the filter running, shake the bottle well and add the required dose slowly via a clean and empty skimmer
  • Run the filter for a minimum of 24 hours after product application, backwash thoroughly to remove the trapped phosphates.

Dosage Rates:
Water Volumes Phosphate Levels
Litres Gallons Preventative 200-1000 ppb* 1000+ ppb*
22,725 5,000 110ml 225ml 450ml
45,450 10,000 225ml 450ml 900ml
68,175 15,000 335ml 675ml 1,350ml

*Parts per billion

It is recommended that if your Phosphate levels are 100ppb or less, a preventative weekly dose of Blue Horizons Concentrated Phos Away is used to avoid future problems.

If you are unsure about your Phosphate Levels, here at Pool Supplies Ltd we can carry out a water analysis to test your Phosphate Levels.  Simply bring a Swimming Pool water sample in a sterilised container to us at our Farnborough premises. The test takes around 15 minutes to complete, and is charged at £5.00, or FREE if you're spending £50.00 or more in store.
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