Blue Horizons Summerclear Algaecide - 2 litres

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Summerclear is a longlife non-copper algaecide, which will last for up to 3 months. This product is compatible with Chlorine, Bromine and Biguanide treated pools.

Add Summerclear to your Swimming Pool in the Spring to help prevent algae build up for up to three months.  A repeat application may be required later in the season if the pool is still in use.

The safety lock squeeze cap feature allows for greater security for small children and helps prevent spilages.  

Dose Rates (for up to 3 months control)

Litres Gallons Dose of Summerclear
4,545 1,000 0.16 ltrs (160ml)
11,364 2,000 0.32 ltrs (320ml)
22,730 5,000 0.8 ltrs (800ml)
45,455 10,000 1.6 ltrs

Always read the instructions on the container prior to use.

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