Water Testing
We have professional water testing facilities, which can provide accurate water analysis of free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid,  iron, copper and phosphate levels.  

A charge of £10 applies for each water analysis performed, the test fee will be waived with a purchase in store over £100.  

To have us test your water, all you need is a sterilised container, and then fill it with your swimming pool water (always take water samples away from pool filtration return lines to ensure accurate readings). Then simply bring your sample into us as soon as possible, so that we can perform an accurate analysis.

All of the chemical products we sell will have a dosing chart printed on the label of the bottle or container.  However, in order to apply the correct dose to your pool, you will need to know how much water you are dosing.  To calculate the approximate number of gallons of water in your pool, the following calculations can be applied:

For rectangular pools:
Length in feet  x  Width in feet  x  Average Water Depth in Feet  x  6.25
So.... 30' x 15' x 4' x 6.25 = 11,250 gallons

For round pools:
Diameter in Feet  x  Diameter in Feet  x  Average Water Depth in Feet  x  4.9
So.... 12' x 12' x 4' x 4.9 = 2,822 gallons 

Chemical Handling Advice:

Chemical Safety  

Further Reading

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