Fi-Clor Chlorine Stabiliser 3kg

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Fi-Clor Chlorine Stabiliser (Cyanuric Acid) protects chlorine in outdoor pools by minimising wasteful loss of sanitiser to sunlight.

If your pool has recently been filled with fresh water, adding stabiliser is important to prevent chlorine loss to sunlight.  Stabiliser levels should be maintained around 25-30ppm (mg/l) and never higher than 50ppm (mg/l).

500g of Stabiliser Granules will raise stabiliser levels by 10ppm in 11,000 gallons (50,000 litres) of pool water.

  • Prevents loss of chlorine to sunlight
  • Raises stabiliser levels
  • Reduces wastage of chlorine
  • Essential for outdoor pools 

Do not use Stabiliser in your pool if it is sanitised using stabilised chlorine products, otherwise there is a high risk of the water becoming over-stabilised.

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Brand: Fi-Clor
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Product Code: FIS03
Weight: 3kg