Fi-Clor PH Increaser 5kg

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Fi-Clor pH Increaser should be used to correct low pH levels - below 7.2.

Fi-Clor pH Increaser (Soda Ash) is used to raise the pH level in swimming pool water.  pH is a measure of how acidic or how alkaline (basic) the water is.  Low pH can lead to skin or eye irritation and corrosion of equipment.

Product Features:

  • Fast acting
  • Corrects low pH levels
  • Ideal for all pools and compatible with all treatment products
Based on an 11,000 gallon pool, dose 500g of product into the pool water and allow it to mix in thoroughly, then re-test the pH level.  Never dose more than 1kg of product without re-testing the water.  Always allow sufficient time for the pH Increaser to mix into the water before re-testing.  On smaller pools, reduce the dose accordingly.

Always read the instructions on the container prior to use. 

MPN: 11/10PH/INC001
GTIN: 3521686150096
Brand: Fi-Clor
Condition: New
Product Code: WB+05
Weight: 5kg