Fi-Clor Rapid Clarifier 1 litre

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Fi-Clor Rapid Clarifier has a fast acting, powerful formula to turn cloudy water crystal clear. It helps the sand filter catch fine particles by grouping the particles together, making them larger and easier to filter out of the water.

A 100ml dose poured into the skimmer is sufficient to treat 11,000 gallons of water, and we recommend you use the product on a weekly basis to help maintain a high level of water clarity.

Product Features:

  • Powerful formula
  • Can be used with all santisers - suitable for all pools
  • Ideally used with the filter running
Please note that Rapid Clarifier is not suitable for use with diatomite or cartridge filtration systems.

Always read the instructions on the container prior to use.

MPN: 1110/RC001
GTIN: 3521686150102
Brand: Fi-Clor
Condition: New
Weight: 1kg