Fi-Clor Winteriser Algaecide - 3ltr

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Fi-Clor Winteriser Algaecide - 3ltr

Fi-Clor Winteriser algaecide has been specially developed to help prevent algae and fungi forming when the pool is shut down for the winter. It can also help prevent the formation of scale and staining from dissolved minerals so the water and pool surfaces are in good order when the pool is re-opened in spring. It is compatible with all sanitisers and will not affect the pH.
  • Prevents the formation of scale and staining from disolved minerals
  • Contains long life algaecide

One 3 litre container of Fi-Clor Winteriser algaecide will treat up to 18,500 gallons of swimming pool water.

Please note:
  • Always read product instructions before use.
  • Do not mix with other products
  • Do not dissolve before use.

If you aren't certain on what else you require for closing down your pool for winter then we can help.
We at Pool Supplies like to make things easy and simple, so we have put together some winter packages, which contain the required chemicals to help winterise your pool. Please take a look below at our winter packages.
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