Hartle IGE PP9 Rotary Barrel Pump for Liquid Transfer

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The PP9 is a lightweight rotary barrel pump, developed to exacting standards and manufactured from the highest quality engineered plastics to provide a high level of chemical resistance.

The 2" Barrel adaptor means the PP9 pump will attach easily and conveniently to the top of a barrel for easy pumping (as pictured).  If you are transferring from a smaller drum, the suction tubes can be easily stood inside the barrel - there is no need to support the weight of the rotary unit while pumping.

Product Features:
  • Reversible rotary action
  • 35 litres per minute max transfer rate
  • 2" BSP barrel adaptor
  • Riser (suction) tube comes in three pieces (each 390mm) long, with threaded connectors
  • Fully assembled length 1200mm (47")
  • Two-piece outlet spout threaded 3/4" BSP at ends
  • Acts as a syphon if required
  • Weight 2.9 kg
Suitable for water based solutions

The pump comes complete with the two piece outlet spout.

Thoroughly flush your rotary pump with fresh water after use, to wash away any  substances, and to ensure the protection and prevention of chemical damage.
Brand: HartleIGE
Condition: New
Product Code: PSPP9
Weight: 1.5kg