Huttons Gold Label Underwater Sealant - 290ml Tube - Clear

£22.00 (ex. VAT)
Underwater sealant for use in Aquariums, Ponds, Swimming Pools and Spas!

This fantastic product is solvent free, so perfectly safe for aquariums and pond life, and it also means that the product does not shrink (unlike traditional silicones) ensuring a long lasting underwater seal.

  • Adheres to almost any surface - even underwater
  • 290ml tube fits into any standard silicone gun
  • Adheres to Butyl, rubber, Vinyl, Glass, Plastic, Ceramic, Stone, Concrete, Wood etc.
  • Can be painted over
Common Applications:
  • Fixing broken or missing tiles (even underwater) - this sealant can be used to reattach the tile, and you even grout with it!
  • Sealing leaks in and arround fittings
  • Bonding materials together which require a watertight seal

The Gold label sealant is available in either Clear or White, for White Gold Label Sealant please look at related items below.

MPN: SEA-229
GTIN: 5060159850340
Brand: Huttons
Condition: New
Product Code: PSHUTGLD
Weight: 0.5kg