Jolly Gel Water Clarifier 280g Pack

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Jolly Gel is a fantastic product, it is used to remove the finest particles passing through your filter which cause cloudy water.

To use, simply place the gel cube in the pump strainer basket.  The Jolly Gel dissolves to place a porous, clear screen over the filter media.  This screen then helps your filter trap small particles that cause your water to look cloudy, restoring your pool water to an exceptional level of clarity.

Jolly Gel also removes phosphates from pool water, so used regularly will help keep your phosphate levels under control.

4 x 70g Jolly Gel blocks per 280g pack.

One Jolly Gel block can treat up to 12,500 gallons of water (56,000 litres).
MPN: JG/25
GTIN: 5060054090018
Brand: Certikin
Condition: New
Product Code: PSJG/25
Weight: 1kg