Plastica Deluxe Winter Debris Cover with Fixings for Pool Size 12' x 24'

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12' x 24' (pool size) Deluxe Winter Debris Cover for use with outdoor Swimming Pools, complete with all straps and P-Pin fixings.

Our Winter Debris covers are manufactured in the UK to exacting standards, and the covers of today are the result of over two decades of experience and investment in cover manufacture.

The Winter Debris Cover is tailored for your pool, making it an excellent barrier against leaves and debris whilst allowing rain water through – therefore preventing dirty water build up on top of the cover. The cover is easy to use, abrasion resistant and, being manufactured from the best quality material available, is proven to be both reliable and effective.

It is made from a tough, U.V. stabilised, woven green/black material. The whole perimeter is finished with a green/black webbing which is triple stitched to the cover material with rot-proof thread, giving excellent strength characteristics that will last for year after year.

Straps are added around the perimeter approximately every 1 to 2 metres for anchoring to the deck, these are protected underneath by tough anti-chaffing straps that resist abrasion from the pool coping stones.

Installing and removing the Winter Debris Cover is a simple ‘do it yourself’ task.

Product Features:

  • Durable woven polyethylene
  • Strap spacing is normally 0.91m-1.5m on the width and 1.2m-1.5m along the length
  • Supplied with P-Pins and straps
  • Green/black finish
  • Minimises discolouration caused by leaves and other debris
  • UV stabilised
  • Plugs provided for holes when not in use
  • Comes complete with durable summer storage bag
This cover is designed to fit a 12' x 24' pool - the actual cover supplied will be slightly larger to allow for an overlap onto the pool surround which provides a seal against the leaves and debris.

Please note that all covers are manufactured to order, so the lead time can be 5-10 days, although this lead time is often reduced during the Winter months to 3-5 days.

Brand: Plastica
Condition: New
Product Code: PSPWD112
Weight: 1kg