Pool Safe Dual Action Tile/Metal Descaler and Cleaner - 5 litre

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PoolSafe Dual Action is specially formulated for use on tile and metal surfaces in pool and spa areas.  

It removes poolside scale, scum, body fats and calcium without effecting the pH balance. It is the only product needed to descale and clean tiles, stone and metals, in all areas leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Poolsafe Dual Action restores the anti-slip properties of the tiles.

Poolsafe Dual Action can be used in all areas. Showers, washrooms, changing rooms, steam rooms, jacuzzis, anywhere there is a build up of scale or scum, leaving surfaces brilliantly clean.

Regular use of Poolsafe Dual Action following a deep clean will slow down any build ups, keeping cleaning routines manageable.

Dilution Ratios:
Daily General Cleaning 250ml of PoolSafe in 10 litres of water
Heavy Duty Cleaning 1 litre of PoolSafe in 10 litres of water
Stubborn Scale Use neat

Can be purchased individually, or purchase by the case for better value.  Use the drop down menu above to select the case quantity.
Brand: Servochem
Condition: New
Product Code: PSPOOLSAFE
Weight: 5kg