Rainbow 300 Off-line feeder - for Chlorine or Bromine.

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Rainbow 300 Off-line feeder - for Chlorine or Bromine

The Rainbow 300 Off-line feeder is for the automatic dosing of Chlorine or Bromine. Having the Rainbow 300 Off-line feeder provides an easy way to sanitise your pool or spa. Not only will this chemical feeder save you time, but it will also reduce manual handling of chemicals, improving health and safety. These units use small/large Trichlor or Bromine slow dissolving tablets to make sanitizing your new or existing pool or spa easy and automatic.

The 300 Off-Line Feeder installs on the pressure/return side of your filtration system using 1/4" feed hoses. 

The Feeder incorporates a control dial so that you can adjust the flow rate through the unit, and thus how much chlorine or bromine is being dosed. You may need to adjust thos over the first week or so if operating the unit, however once you find a setting that suits your pool, the only attention needed would be to top up the unit with tablets.  

Features of the Rainbow 300 Off-Line Feeder:

  • Fully enclosed systems, no escaping fumes, no special venting required
  • Top-load design makes it easy to top up with tablets
  • Automatic dosing for your pool or spa
  • Includes pipes and fittings required for installation
  • Full instructions included
  • Canister holds either 98x 20g tablets, or 11x 200g tablets. 
  • Suitable for Swimming Pools up to 22,500 gallons 

* = Bottom Feed / Top Feed

GTIN: 788379004224
Brand: Rainbow
Condition: New
Product Code: PSRA300C
Weight: 1kg