Zodiac pH Expert- pH Regulator

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Zodiac pH Expert - pH Regulator 

The Zodiac pH Expert is perfect for domestic pool users who want to achieve balanced water throughout the year, with minimal intervention.  Compatible with all water treatment systems, including Chlorine, Bromine and Saltwater pools, pH Expert delivers Auto-Adaptive Dosing (AAD) Technology to maintain an ideal pH for your comfort, automatically.  The dosing time is adjusted depending on the difference between the pH of your Swimming Pool and the the ideal pH.  The result is perfectly balanced water, for clean, clear water.

Thanks to the pH Expert's safety system, it protects against any risk of pH corrector overdosing, ensuring optimal water balance. with the unique suction tube, pH corrector dosing is perfectly safe. 

  • Compatible with all water treatments
  • Automatic dose regulation using proportional cyclic and auto-adapting dosage
  • pH Plus or pH Minus Dosing
  • User friendly menu on LCD screen
  • pH value permanently displayed
  • Anti-overdose protection
  • Low on pH Corrector product alarm
  • Anti-emanation suction cane
Installation On rigid DN50 mm or DN63 mm piping
Power Supply 220-240V AC 50Hz
Consumption 9 W
Max Flow Rate 1.5L/hr
Calibration Semi-automatic, one-step (buffer solution included)

Accessories included in the pack: 

  • pH Sensor
  • Buffer solution
  • Plumbing kit
  • Wall mounting kit
Download a copy of the user / operation manual here

Brand: Zodiac
Condition: New
Product Code: PSBASPHP
Weight: 4kg